Thursday, April 11, 2013

Project Project Project

Well, my project is still confusing to say the least. I think I've realized that figuring out the model set up is the part that is confusing me the most and that once I figure that out, I’ll know more about what to do with the data I need. I think my model is similar to lesson 5, the multiple criteria evaluation because I will need to have a calc categorical map for each environmental factor (land cover, slope/elevation, wintering areas, etc.) with an equation that will produce a categorical map with rankings (0-5 maybe?) for each cell on the map. Then all the output maps from those calc categorical maps should be combined to create an overall habitat suitability map where each cell is ranked (again 0-5) for habitat suitability for white-tailed deer. This habitat suitability map will determine where the deer population will spread as time goes on. Eventually the current population growth rate will have to go into the model to determine what the population will look like with continued hunting but I will also have to use some sort of equation to determine what the population would look like if there was no hunting. I know the biggest limitation after hunting is winter severity so if I find out how much that is effecting the population then I can use that to help with figuring out what the population growth rate would be without hunting. Not quite sure how to figure that out though. I think I need to set up another time to talk about it with prof. Galford!! 

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